Oxford Brookes University

After extensive testing at Oxford Brookes University, the Dynotech RS team has managed to optimize the fuel efficiency of one of the most economical power units available today , the Ford Ecoboost 3-Cylinder In-line turbocharged engine.

By creating custom MAPS , the average fuel consumption was decreased by 6.53%(see attached report, appendix 5,Tuned table results) for the same horsepower and torque values. Exhaust CO2 emissions were ,thus, also decreased by 6.53%(see attached WLTP Facts from European Union Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). These tests proved that custom MAPS can utilise the full potential of existing powertrains , resulting in major cost savings due to lower fuel bills and at the same time minimizing the carbon footprint due to the reduced emissions. Benefits of up to 15% have been attained with larger , especially diesel, engines. Custom MAPS can be installed to all existing fleets of vehicles, without expensive mechanical modifications or need to update to newer models, with immediate results.

Our full Engine Testing Report as published by Oxford Brookes University is available upon request in PDF format.