Engine Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning & Injector Cleaning

DynoTechRS is a certified partner of TerraClean. TerraClean is a patented technology which cleans the inside of your vehicle’s fuel system. By removing carbon we can improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by increasing component lifespan.

DPF Cleaning

Whilst a blocked DPF is a problem for you – for us it is a symptom.
DPFs block due to other problems and cleaning is not enough, you need the problem professionally identified and rectified, if not done correctly the unit will simply block again after cleaning.

Here at DynoTechRS we have a solution for cleaning your DPF. We can clean the DPF on your car using TerraClean patented equipment. Alternatively if the DPF is blocked with oil or ash, which simply cannot be cleaned by any system whilst the unit is on the vehicle, we have access to TerraClean’s Total DPF Solutions system which will remove oil & ash.

• As a TerraClean service centre, our technicians have been trained to diagnose and understand how to resolve problems with your vehicle.

• Once the issue has been resolved, if necessary, the clean will be done. It is possible that resolution of the problem may enable the vehicle to “regenerate” (self-clean), and your vehicle is back up and running without the cleaning service and the blockage will not reoccur.
• If you are experiencing problems with your EGR or DPF, have your vehicle’s problems diagnosed today.

Regain Engine Performance

Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle engine performance with improved drivability
• The build-up of carbon and the residue left by fuel additives will reduce your engine performance over time. Therefore your BHP and all important torque will reduce.
• We all know that good servicing, use of correct oil and a decent fuel will help keep your engine in good condition, but even applying best practice all internal combustion engines suffer reduced power from carbon and other contaminants.
• A preventative maintenance TerraClean service, carried out by DynoTechRS technicians will help your car regain much of that lost performance.
• A cleaner system will result in:
Smoother Idle – by increasing Lambda efficiency
Quieter running – by cleaning NOX sensors.

• Experience a drive away difference with a TerraClean Service.

Reduce Engines Emissions

The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning service removes most deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions, for a cleaner greener drive

• Emissions are a key focus for many motorists these days and progressive MOT changes are placing greater emphasis upon owners to ensure their vehicles emit less harmful emissions. Also many owners are keen to keep their carbon footprint low in this era where emissions are considered a very important part of being a responsible vehicle owner.


• The TerraClean service, available here at DynoTechRS, can help your vehicle achieve these requirements & objectives, the preventative maintenance service is available from all of our centres and most also have the DPF cleaning system to help when the vehicle’s own system for trapping harmful emissions becomes blocked.

• We are regularly asked how the preventative maintenance system achieves these goals and what our centers actually do. They disconnect your engine from your fuel tank, our TerraClean machine is connected to the engine which we run on our TerraClean fluids which are simply highly refined fuel. This fuel is very rich in additives which perform the cleaning process, they clean both pre and post combustion removing; gums varnishes and carbon deposits from the injectors, this restores the spray pattern and allows the fuel to atomise better. Then once the fuel has burned the additives turn into gasses which oxygenate the carbon in combustion chambers, turbo, cat and DPF, this allows the carbon to burn at much lower temperatures and it exits the exhaust as carbon dioxide. The end result is improved engine efficiency, this amongst other things leads to improvements in emissions.