ECU Tuning Explained

High Performance & Fuel Saving software by DynoTechRS

DynoTechRS, the leading company in the development of engine management software, developed and offers its ECU Tuning software.

Tested in the most adverse conditions

It doesn’t require mechanical modifications

ECU Remap

What is the ECU?

The acronym ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. All modern engines are managed by sensors that transmit data to the ECU that, based on such information determines the engine’s function parameters. The ECU differentiates the abovementioned parameters in order to adapt to the continuously changing driving conditions.

DynoTechRS’s Tuning software intervenes by changing the parameters by which the engine’s ECU operates on order to achieve higher performance in case of sport or racing or, in case of fleet management or heavy machinery in order to maximize torque delivery and minimize fuel consumption.

ECU Remap

step by step:

ECU Analysis:

  • Reading ECU data
  • Data analyzing by specialized software
  • Proper identification of factory’s exact software and hardware version
  • Detect and matching of every ECU and engine’s parameter

ECU improvement:


DynoTechRS improves the ECU’s software by tuning to perfection each of the parameters of interest, more specifically:

  • Improvement of the torque delivery map to achieve higher torque on lower rpm
  • Improvement of the fuel injection map:
    – targeted fuel injection
    – maximizing flow stratification and improving fuel diffusion for top level engine performance
Which are the ECU Tuning’s benefits?
  • Improving fuel performance
  • Lowering gas emissions
  • Increasing of horsepower and torque
  • Smoother engine’s function
  • Minimization of the engine’s parts stress by the more linear torque and power delivery
  • Possibility to fully customize the ECU’s management depending of the vehicle’s main usage (urban, highway travels, trackdays, drag racing etc)


Dynotech RS

  • DynoTechrs’s remap respect and preserves the factory standards and safeguards set by the manufacturer.
  • Standard-like behavior is maintained and at the same time and, at the same time, the operation of the engine parameters is perfected.
  • The Research and Development of our Tuning software is done in laboratory conditions, under the most strict Emissions control rules and is tested on the road and on the dyno.

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